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Chopped Steak with Veggies for Fish Tacos, garnished with Baja White Sauce topped off with Mahi Mahi Rub and wrapped in delicious Fresh Corn Tortillas

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Contributed by Brian Mount, sinker, Jake Spurlock
Chopped Steak ============= I like all kinds of steak tacos, but lately have been into cubed up steak tacos that are allowed to marinate a little bit in some salsa verde and other spices. Here's the ones I made tonight: * 1lb rib eye steak, cubed into ~1" cubes * Salsa verde, your choice, about 2-3 Tbs * Pinch or two of mexican oregano * A few healthy sprinkles of chili powder Cube up your steak, mix everything together, cover and let sit for a half hour or so. When everything else is ready to go, pan-fry (or, skewer and grill if you're feeling ambitious), until cooked to your chosen meat level.
Contributed by Brian Mount, sinker, Jake Spurlock, katemyers, Ryan Pitts, Jesse von Doom
Veggies for Fish Tacos ====================== Fish tacos are a special breed, requiring different vegetable options. __Assemble your veg from the following options:__ * Cabbage, purple, shredded * Cabbage, other shades, shredded * Radishes, sliced into thin slices * Red peppers, diced * Cherry tomatoes, sliced (if you're a heathen) * Cilantro, if it doesn't taste like soap to you And one requirement: * Limes, sliced for juicing over tacos. Place out your selections and assemble into your taco. Then squeeze a lime over the top. tags: vegetarian, vegan
Contributed by Brian Mount, sinker, Jake Spurlock, Kumar McMillan
Baja White Sauce ================ This is a traditional white sauce for [Baja fish tacos](../full_tacos/baja_fish_tacos.md). * 1/4 cup mayo * 2 tbsp sour cream * 1 tbsp lime juice * 1/4 tsp celery salt (or garlic salt, etc) Mix, and refrigerate for an hour if possible.
Contributed by Brian Mount, sinker, Jake Spurlock, Mat Marquis
Mahi Mahi Rub ============== A rub for Mahi Mahi, if fish tacos be what you're fancying: * 1 Part spicy chili powder * 1 Part salt * 1 Part ground cumin * 1/2 Part chopped cilantro * 1/2 Part cayenne * 1/2 Part pepper * 1/2 Part oregano * 1/2 Part onion powder * 1/2 Part garlic powder You choose your measurements and enjoy! tags: vegetarian, vegan
Contributed by Brian Mount, sinker, Tim Murtaugh, OpenShift guest, AhemNason, Tim Murtaugh
Fresh Corn Tortillas =================== This is the only way to go. So worth it. Makes roughly 15 tortillas. * 1 3/4 cups masa harina * 1 1/8 cups water 1. In a medium bowl, mix together masa harina and hot water until thoroughly combined. Turn dough onto a clean surface and knead until pliable and smooth. If dough is too sticky, add more masa harina; if it begins to dry out, sprinkle with water. Cover dough tightly with plastic wrap and allow to stand for 30 minutes. 2. Preheat a cast iron skillet or griddle to medium-high. 3. Divide dough into 15 equal-size balls. Using a tortilla press (or a rolling pin), press each ball of dough flat between two sheets of wax paper (plastic wrap or a freezer bag cut into halves will also work). 4. Place tortilla in preheated pan and allow to cook for approximately 30 seconds, or until browned and slightly puffy. Turn tortilla over to brown on second side for approximately 30 seconds more, then transfer to a plate. Repeat process with each ball of dough. Keep tortillas covered with a towel to stay warm and moist (or a low temp oven) until ready to serve. tags: vegetarian, vegan