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Fat-Poached Carnitas with Lettuce (Traditional; US), garnished with Salsa de Aguacate topped off with Sriracha Marinade and wrapped in delicious naan

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Contributed by sinker, Jeremy Bowers
# Fat-Poached Carnitas * 3 pounds of boneless pork shoulder or uncured picnic ham (see note for how to select). * 0.25 to 0.50 cups of liquified fat (oil, lard or duck fat is acceptable) * 10 to 15 garlic cloves (roasted preferred) * 1 lemon, sliced into thin circles and those are quartered * coarse salt * black pepper 1. Heat oven to 250 degrees. 2. Cube pork shoulder in roughly 3-inch chunks. 3. Salt and pepper the cubes aggressively. 4. Stuff cubes tightly (very tightly) into the smallest, deepest baking dish available. 5. Stuff garlic and lemon between the cubes. 6. Pour fat over cubes to just cover. 7. Bake in oven for 5 hours. 8. Remove dish from oven. 9. Cover a sheet pan with foil. 10. With slotted spoon, remove the pork to the sheet pan and spread out in a single layer. 11. Turn on broiler. 12. Broil pork in sheet pan until it is somewhat blackened and crispy, probably 4-6 minutes. YMMV because broilers are ridiculous. 13. Remove from oven and tease with fork. ## Notes * A nice thick fat cap on the top of the pork is preferable. * Ask your butcher to remove any bones. * Do not use cured meat.
Contributed by Brian Mount, sinker, Tim Murtaugh, Tim Murtaugh
Lettuce (Traditional; US) ====================== In a traditional American taco, lettuce serves to add extra crunch and coolness. Favor the bulkier lettuces over leafier fare such as Bibb lettuces or mesclun. * Iceberg Lettuce (shredded) * Romaine Lettuce (shredded; maintain the stalks) tags: vegetarian, vegan
Contributed by sinker, Paul C Pederson
Salsa de Aguacate ========== This is the traditional green sauce served from a Mexican taco cart. Very popular with Tacos al Pastór or Tacos de Canasta, it is a creamy, green sauce. It has avacado, but it by no means a guacamole. Usually available with other taco cart staples such as: sliced radishes, spicy salsa roja, fresh cilantro, and fresh limes. * 1/2 Kilo of Green Tomatillos (~1lb.) * 2 green Serrano peppers (optional for heat) * 1 avocado * 2 limes * 1/2 cup crema (Mexican sour cream, thinner and sweeter than standard sour cream) Cook the tomatillos and peppers in a pot with water until soft. Drain the water out and let cool. Put tomatillos, peppers, salt, lime-juice, crema, and avacado (shelled and pitted) in blender. With lid on, blend until completely mixed and liquid consistency. Salsa should be the consistency of crema, liquid, yet slightly viscous. Pour over your tacos liberally. Refrigerate between uses. tags: vegetarian
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Sriracha Marinade =================== Alone on a Saturday night, I put on Iron Maiden, cubed up a pork chop and whipped this marinade together: * 2-3 Tbs sriracha sauce * couple pinches of Mexican Oregano * good shake of smokey paprika * tsp or so of ground ancho chile * pinch of salt Get this coated nicely over everything before frying or grilling on high heat. tags: vegetarian, vegan
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naan ===================== Naan bread can be purchased or made. It is easier to buy it at a store. Naan bread is a flatbread that tends to be fluffy and easy to tear apart.